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Aloe History & General Information

The Aloe People Palm Springs, Aloe Fields

All over the world people claim that the Aloe Vera plant juice has the most astonishing healing and beauty-giving power ever created by nature.
While it looks like and thrives in the same climate and soil as cactus, it is a member of the lily family. The base of its leaves contain a thick gelatinous substance that has been recognized as a "miracle of nature."

Aloe's properties had five primary functions:
- Antibiotic
- Antiseptic
- Coagulanting Agent
- Pain Inhibitor
- Growth Stimulator for normal external & internal cells
The growth stimulator property accelerates the healing of injured tissue and surfaces.
Aloe is completely non-allergenic and non-toxic. It is, in fact, a detoxicant. It has no side effects, the most common problem of synthetic drugs.

In the treatment of burns, Aloe Vera regenerates tissue remarkably fast with minimal or no scars. Pain is relieved almost immediately, swelling subsides and the usual blisters or lesions do not develop.

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In addition, enthusiastic testimonials abound for its relief from stomach disorders, stiffness and pain of muscles and joints, digestive system problems, ulcers, and for general feeling of good health when taken internally.
Indians in Mexico and South America have used Aloe Vera for centuries in treating prostatitis, intestinal disorders, kidney and bladder infections and for increasing longevity.

Stories and documented proof of the incredible powers of the Aloe Vera extract go back more than 5,000 years when the Queens of Cleopatra's reign attributed their beauty to ointments high in Aloe content.
It is also called the "Bible Plant" by many people as it is recorded in John 19:39 that is was used on the body of Jesus to preserve his skin.
Marco Polo and Columbus depended on the healing and beautifying qualities of Aloe Vera.

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As the seat of civilization moved from tropical to temperate zones, Aloe Vera fell into disuse. The plant would not thrive in the moderate climate. Another problem was that the effectiveness of the extract diminished sharply almost immediately after the leaf was cut and exposed to the air. It quickly dried into a solid mass and could no longer be applied to the skin or mixed with other ingredients.

It was not until it was brought to the attention of US government scientists at the end of World War II that research began to preserve the Aloe Vera extract. After 29 years of work, a method was discovered by which the extract could be drawn from the leave without decomposition.

Two methods of preservation are currently employed. One is pasteurization, used by companies supplying health stores. The drawback of this process is the heat used in the pasteurization process. It burns off between 42 and 50% of the potency of the Aloe Vera extract.

One of the primary benefits of Aloe Vera is proteolytic enzyme action, which stimulates the growth of new tissue. This enzyme action is destroyed by high heat such as boiling or pasteurizing.

Palm Spring Aloe People uses a process called "Stabilization" by which the coagulant (along with the offensive odor and taste) is withdrawn at room temperature, while retaining the complete effectiveness of the plant extract.

Aloe Vera & Your Skin

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